Briana & Nick : The Story of Our Love

My beautiful little sister and her kick-ass fiancé just got married in the beginning of the month and it was one of the best days of my life. Besides the fact that the wedding was at a lavender farm that smelled amazing, with stringing lights, and delicious pies, and a huge custom photobooth…Briana (my little sister) is my inspirational rock, so it was just wonderful to see her so incredibly happy! Stills From That Day to be posted soon!

She and her new husband have been dating since 2006, and its been so great to watch them fall in love and grow up together and discover everything about life side-by-side. He’s been like a brother to me for years and I can’t wait to watch them turn 2 into 3 and then into 4… and experience our growing family together.

Since its been so many years I thought a good gift would be a little timeline of their relationship from beginning all the way to their wedding day. This is what I came up with:Bri&Nick_Wedding_Infographic_4Project Here


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