My Wedding Day: Part 1

Words can’t describe the stress that led to this day. A lot of late nights, overworked projects, some tears, some arguments…and it’s odd that it seems those things are all normal for a bride. As the third one of my friends to get married in the past year, it seems that emotional breakdowns are the norm in planning a wedding. I’m not great at being in the spotlight, which makes me an anxious host of parties. All I wanted from the stress and hard work was to know that everyone else had a good time. Turns out it was! I received so many compliments from friends and family, and even the vendors I worked with, telling me that the wedding was beautiful , very creative, a blast…

And after all of that hard work, all I could do on our wedding day was stare at my new husband. The smile never left his face, we laughed and cried and danced and I truly fell in love with him all over again. They always tell you that you won’t notice the details of the cake or the flowers or the weather on the day you get married, and I didn’t. It was all a blur, because all I could see was him. SO cheesy, I know, but SO true! It’s a good thing in that blur of a mess, I had a great photographer taking shots of all the beautiful moments…



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