Free Fonts : Summertime

While working on a recent branding project for a wedding photographer, I put together a list of really pretty font combinations for her to choose from for her business card design. I’m still working on her branding package and polishing up that project (will post it when I do!), but I wanted to share the collection with you because these gorgeous suckers are all free!


Vidaloka / Castro Script / Branboll Fet / Nexa / Caviar Dreams / Pacifico / Little Days / Canter Bold / Prata / Cheddar Jack / Caneletter Script / Intro Condensed Light


Free Fonts : Slab Serif

I have finally organized my font collection and would love to share a few each week! Instead of mixing them up for you like my old collection once looked like, I thought it would make it easier to download some for yourselves in categories. Hopefully it helps you stay organized as well. Here are a few of my favorite slab serif fonts…



Carton, Copse, Geared, Klinic, Arvo