How To Stay Productive All Day


No matter how much you love your job, 40 hours a week (or 50+ for some people) takes a lot of discipline to keep on keepin’ on everytime you get to the office. I recently added another mini-Infographic to my collection and thought up 13 ways that work for me when I’m too busy to think, distracted by my surroundings, or when I’m just not feelin it that day.



Free Fonts : Summertime

While working on a recent branding project for a wedding photographer, I put together a list of really pretty font combinations for her to choose from for her business card design. I’m still working on her branding package and polishing up that project (will post it when I do!), but I wanted to share the collection with you because these gorgeous suckers are all free!


Vidaloka / Castro Script / Branboll Fet / Nexa / Caviar Dreams / Pacifico / Little Days / Canter Bold / Prata / Cheddar Jack / Caneletter Script / Intro Condensed Light

Ollie & Marlowe

If you know me well, you know I love my pups. And you know I love illustration. On a road trip last week with the family, I passed the time by illustrating those little rascals for fun so that I could frame it and give it to my husband as a “just because” gift.



Both Oliver and Marlowe have so much personality, but are so different at the same time, so I decided to add a few fun facts to the illustration to make a little more interesting. This was the result!


10 Questions to Answer in Your Business Plan


This little addition to my mini-infographic collection is for those of you (and I know there’s lots of you out there) that have a little business idea in mind and you just arent sure where to begin. Writing out the answers to these questions is a great start! It gets you thinking about everything from who your target market is, to your competition, to how you’ll market your little brainchild. I think the most important one is the very last one…why are you starting the business?


My Wedding Day: Part 1

Words can’t describe the stress that led to this day. A lot of late nights, overworked projects, some tears, some arguments…and it’s odd that it seems those things are all normal for a bride. As the third one of my friends to get married in the past year, it seems that emotional breakdowns are the norm in planning a wedding. I’m not great at being in the spotlight, which makes me an anxious host of parties. All I wanted from the stress and hard work was to know that everyone else had a good time. Turns out it was! I received so many compliments from friends and family, and even the vendors I worked with, telling me that the wedding was beautiful , very creative, a blast…

And after all of that hard work, all I could do on our wedding day was stare at my new husband. The smile never left his face, we laughed and cried and danced and I truly fell in love with him all over again. They always tell you that you won’t notice the details of the cake or the flowers or the weather on the day you get married, and I didn’t. It was all a blur, because all I could see was him. SO cheesy, I know, but SO true! It’s a good thing in that blur of a mess, I had a great photographer taking shots of all the beautiful moments…


Briana & Nick : The Story of Our Love

My beautiful little sister and her kick-ass fiancé just got married in the beginning of the month and it was one of the best days of my life. Besides the fact that the wedding was at a lavender farm that smelled amazing, with stringing lights, and delicious pies, and a huge custom photobooth…Briana (my little sister) is my inspirational rock, so it was just wonderful to see her so incredibly happy! Stills From That Day to be posted soon!

She and her new husband have been dating since 2006, and its been so great to watch them fall in love and grow up together and discover everything about life side-by-side. He’s been like a brother to me for years and I can’t wait to watch them turn 2 into 3 and then into 4… and experience our growing family together.

Since its been so many years I thought a good gift would be a little timeline of their relationship from beginning all the way to their wedding day. This is what I came up with:Bri&Nick_Wedding_Infographic_4Project Here